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Our Mission

We watch over the quality of your apps, so you can focus on making them awesome.



Be it regression testing before a new release or verifying new features, our infrastructure is ready to run your tests on a collection of different devices.



We investigate if your app is ready for future OS versions by running it on beta versions.



We teach you the ins and outs of mobile UI testing with Appium.

Our Services

  • Device Lab

    We have our own device lab, containing the most used devices of the last year. From low end to high end, from smartphone to tablet, running different versions of Android and iOS. This includes old, recent and beta versions.

  • Different Testing Frameworks

    At first, we will support Appium, but other frameworks will be added in the future.

  • Automated Tests

    Your UI tests run on predefined times, from once to several times a week, as you prefer. They are automatically being executed on all devices that your app supports.

  • Upload

    You can upload a new build yourself through our application or automated from your CI server. In addition to this you can also upload new versions of your test scenarios.

  • Dashboard

    Our online dashboard gives you access to the results of the latest and previous test runs, including screenshots and custom logging.

  • Coaching & guidance

    We can write your test scenarios for you, or teach you how to write them yourself.

Interested?        info@polariz.be